About Us

Monica Moira of London


Monica Moira of London is a new and fresh face in the world of online Jewellery retailers. Founded & based in London it is only natural that the brilliance of the city and the diversity of the people within, be they residents, tourists or individuals just passing through exude a certain sense of style and elegance that London is known throughout the world for.

Its our aim to provide high quality premium jewellery and fashionable accessories to our customers who deserve nothing but the most desirable and exclusive pieces at reasonable & competitive prices.

Being based purely online and with no physical highstreet store, this allows Monica Moira to concentrate all resources on providing a world class service to its customers. Manufacturing and crafting the fantastic pieces of jewellery that have become so popular not only within the United Kingdom but across the globe is testament to this fact.

Having been in operation for the best part of a decade now, with continued work with our manufacturers and designers in London, Asia and the United Arab Emirates, we have finally established a solid online presence with a reputable reputation and the main key to our growing success is the attention to detail we give all our pieces for absolute customer satisfaction. The online store is now the forefront of e-commerce and as more and more businesses choose to invest greater amounts to having a stronger 'www.' presence, its easy to see why with the industry being so profitable.

Specialising in Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants, Rings, Earrings and Jewellery Sets of all materials ranging from .925 Sterling Silver, 18k Gold, Gold Plating and Brass amongst others, our customers and browsers are sure to find whatever item they are looking for and undoubtedly some pieces which will enchant your wildest imaginations. That is the allure, finesse and panache to be expected from Monica Moira of London.